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5E26 Computer

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  1. Special-purpose 5E26 computer.
  2. Chief designers: academician S. A. Lebedev, V. S. Burtsev.

    Deputy chief designers: E. A. Krivosheyev, V. N. Laut, A. A. Novikov, Yu. D. Ostretsov, M. V. Odessky, D. B. Podshivalov, G. S. Marchenko.

    Development engineers: K. Ya. Tregubov, P. V. Borisov, B. A. Vaisburd, L. F. Krylova, Yu. M. Aksyonova, E. M. Rumyantsev, V. P. Petrov, M. D. Velikhovsky, P. S. Miko, V. P. Zverkov, A. F. Nenarokov, Yu. S. Ryabtsev, L. A. Kozlov, S. N. Knorozov, M. F. Fadeyev, V. I. Stepanov, D. M. Obidin, V. I. Zalesin, S. L. Podgornova, P. D. Sofronov, A. A. Alekseyev, V. I. Krovopuskov, V. Ya. Alekseyev.

  3. Designing organization: Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering (ITMiVT) of the USSR Academy of Science.
  4. Completion of development: 1978.
  5. Beginning of production: 1978.
  6. Termination of production: 1994.
  7. Total output of machines: about 1,500.
  8. Description: the first Soviet high-performance mobile multiprocessor control computer. It is built on modular principle and equipped with highly efficient automatic redundancy system which is based on hardware control and can restore control after equipment malfunctions and failures. The machine is capable of sustaining various environmental and mechanical effects; it uses sophisticated programming automation software.
  9. Technical specifications:

    Performance - 1,500,000 operations per second.

    Word length - 32 bits.

    Data representation - whole word, half-word, byte, bit.

    RAM capacity - 32 to 34 Kbytes.

    Command memory capacity - 64 to 256 Kbytes.

    I/O subsystem - independent I/O processor supporting information exchange through 12 channels with maximum speed over 1 Mbps.

    Number of modifications - 2.

  10. Special features: the computer is easily adaptable to various performance and memory capacity requirements of control systems and capable of restoring computational process after hardware malfunction or failure. In has non-volatile memory which allows copying data from external recording devices. The machine's effective management system with dual-level fault cell localization ensures effective repair of the hardware by technicians.
  11. Element base: standard series of TTL ICs.
  12. Design: cell-based, modular.
  13. Software: autocode and Fortran compilers.
  14. Construction specifications:

    Power consumption - 5 to 9 kW.

    Occupied volume - 2.5 to 4.5 cubic meters.

    E. A. Krivosheyev, Yu. D. Ostretsov and Yu. S. Ryabtsev got a State Prize of the Russian Federation for the creation of 5E26 computer.

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