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5E65 Computer

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  1. Special-purpose 5E65 computer.
  2. Chief designer: S. A. Lebedev, academician; deputy chief designer: I. K. Khailov.

    Development engineers: S. L. Koltsova, V. I. Lyzhnikov, G. I. Orlov, V. I. Pivnenko, D. B. Podshivalov, L. E. Pshenichnikov, A. K. Fomenko, M. G. Tchaikovsky, O. K. Shpakov, E. F. Yalunin.

  3. Designing organization: Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering (ITMiVT) of the USSR Academy of Science.
  4. Completion of development: 1968.
  5. Beginning of production: 1969.
  6. Termination of production: 1970.
  7. Total output of machines: 3.
  8. Field of application: antimissile and antiaircraft defence.
  9. Description: transportable high-performance special-purpose computer system which ensures high reliability in real-time field research due to using nondestructive read out memory and full hardware control of system restoration after malfunction. High efficiency of the computer is achieved by using variable word length of 12, 24 and 36 bits, debut of zero-address instruction set and push-down structure of the arithmetic unit. The computer was used for testing various airborne radio measurement and radio navigation equipment in the atmosphere and space; it also took part in radar and antimissile tests.
  10. Element base: transistors, solid-state diodes, and ferrite cores.
  11. Design: modular with large blocks using two-layer printed circuit boards.
  12. Software: autocode, executive program.
  13. Specifications:

    Chassis - a trailer.

    Performance - 200,000 algorithmic operations per second.

    MTBF - 100 h.

    A remote control station is present.

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