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5E67 Computer

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  1. Special-purpose 5E67 computer.
  2. Chief designer: S. A. Lebedev, academician; deputy chief designer: I. K. Khailov.

    Development engineers: S. L. Koltsova, V. I. Lyzhnikov, G. M. Orlov, V. M. Pivnenko, D. B. Podshivalov, L. E. Pshenichnikov, A. K. Fomenko, O. K. Shpakov, M. G. Tchaikovsky, E. V. Yalunin.

  3. Designing organization: Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering (ITMiVT) of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
  4. Beginning of production: 1975.
  5. Termination of production: after signing SALT-1 treaty.
  6. Total output of machines: 1.
  7. Field of application: anti-missile and anti-aircraft defence.
  8. Description: the transportable multicomputer high-performance system based on 5E65 machine with common extent allows hardware and software reconfiguration at the level of individual computers. The system can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It was used during unique real-time radio measurements of casual phenomena in the upper atmosphere.
  9. Element base: transistors, solid-state diodes, and ferrite cores.
  10. Design: modular, with large blocks using two-layer printed circuit boards.
  11. Software: autocode, executive program.
  12. Specifications:

    Chassis - 4 trailers.

    MTBF - 1,000 h.

    Performance: 600,000 algorithmic operations per second.

  13. I. K. Khailov got a State Prize of the Russian Federation (1977) for the creation of 5E65 and 5E67 computers.
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