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Khetagurov Yaroslav Afanasyevich

(born 12.05.1926 in town Vladkavkaz)

Permanent member of the Virtual Computer Museum's scientific council.

Doctor of technical sciences, professor of the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics. From 1992 academician of the International Academy of Informatisation – vice president of its Computing section. He is also the Chief scientific collaborator of the State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) – Scientific and Production Association “Agat”.

Dr. Khetagurov is a famous specialist in computer engineering and microelectronics. He is one of the pioneers and leading specialists in information and control systems, in digital electronic computers, and one of the founders of computers implementation for information processing in naval systems. One of the first and leading designers of special marine computers, for the navy control systems.

In 1954 he received academic degree Candidate of Technical Sciences and in 1964 – Doctor of Technical Sciences (both times with dissertations). In 1967 was given academic title “Professor”.

In 1944-1950 Khetagurov studied at the “Instrumentation” faculty of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. After that he worked at the Institute of Precission Mecanics and Computer Engineering (IPMCE) under academician S.A. Lebedev's guidance, where he recieved the best possible -at that time- training in design of digital computers and information processing systems.

Since 1958 he has been working at the SUE “Agat“ having made career from a chief of computer laboratory to the chief engineer the director's first deputy on scientific work. Currently he is the “Agat” chief scientific collaborator.

In 1960 Khetagurov created the system “Kadr” for digital program control of the big antennas ADU-1000 aiming at the Space Communications Centre – the USSR first one. It completely satisfyed demands of the long-distance communications. For that project he was decorated with the “Lenin order” and the USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium's medal “The First Human Acess into Space”.

In 1961 his software system for automatic digital control of milling machine was awarded the Silver Medal of the USSR central Exhibition of National Economic Achievements.

In 1958-1962 he was the chief designer of -the first- mobile semiconductor computer “Kurs-1” for antiaircraft defense systems. The first computing system with multiprogram time-sharing mode and part word operations. These engineering solutions made “Kurs-1” a unified computer for the secondary information processing in real-time mode at the radar installation. The computer proved to be so efficient that its industrial serial production lasted more than 25 years (until 1987!).

In 1964-1965 Khetagurov was the chief designer of (invented by him) basic system of logical elements “Asov-1”– a set of logical elements for the most usable functions. That system formed basis for “Asov”– the first matrix-modular computer with micriprogramming control. With its tactical and technocal parameters it surpassed all previous models.

The “Asov” modules found wide applications in the USSR navy, e.g. in automated marine survey system – “Maya-2”, etc.

Khetagurov's main development, as the chief designer's, at that period was focused on naval digital computers with automatic standby redundancy in real time. These computers controlled operations of the submarine missile strategic complexes D9 and modernized missile complex “Typhoon”.

Khetagurov's naval digital computing systems generally demonstrate high reliability in operation and high authenticity of output information, what has crucial significance for control of missiles with nuclear war-heads. In 1988 he made computer with high-level programming language.

Since 1955 prof. Khetagurov has been working at the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (technical university – MEPhI). He is the founder and head of the chairs “Automated Control Systems” and “Intellectual Control Systems”. He is also the author and scientific head of the computer system with collective access and usage, for educational purposes, automatisation of scientific researches and administration of a university (in operation at the MEPhI and the Lomonosov Moscow State University).

For this project he was awarded the Premium of the USSR Council of Ministers in 1982.

Prof. Khetagurov was scientific supervisor of more than 70 candidate and 13 doctoral dissertations. For his inventions he received 118 author's certificates (patents).

He authored 22 books, monographs and educational materials. Among them the monographs “Foundations of Engineering Project of Digital Control Computers”, “Increasing of Reliability of Digital Devices with Redundant Coding Methods”,“Multiprocessor Computing Systems”, “Determinated Theory of a computer and system”, etc. and 151 articles, theses for reports, scientific reports.

Professor Y.A. Khetagurov is a chairman of the Scientific council on dissertations, honourable professor of MEPhI, and member of several editorial boards.

His contribution to development of naval strategic nuclear weapons was awarded in 1974 with Lenin Premium, in 1978 with the order of October Revolution, in 1982 with the USSR Council of Ministers and in 1999 the honourable premium of academician V.P. Makeev. He is also decorated with several Lenin Orders and medals.

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