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Poljak Yuri Evgenjevich

(born 1948 Moscow)

Permanent member of the Virtual Computer Museum's scientific council.

Y.E. Poljak is a leading scientific collaborator at the Central Institute for Economics and Mathematics.

In 1971 he graduated from the faculty of mathematics and physics at the (M.V. Lomonosov) Moscow State University (MSU) and received a position at the Institute of Electronic Control Computers (IECC), where was engaged in development of automated control systems for large store-houses and for social services management in Moscow.

He also participated in development of specialized Fourier processor for mini-computers SM-3 and SM-4, which was actively used in space researches. Thus, the computing complex SM-4 with Fourier processor was processing images of the planet Venus surface, which were received from radar scanner mounted on a spaceship.

Later he changed his work for teaching mathematics and computer sciences at some Moscow universities. He lectured on programming and algorithmic languages, on computer implementations in engineering and economical calculations, network technologies and internet, linear programming, information research theory and methods, and some others.

Y.E. Poljak has been working as scientist and lecturer altogether more than 40 years.

In 1988-2008 he was an assistant professor at the MSU, in 1999-2012 headed a chair at the international university “Community”. In 1989-1995 he headed the program of computer training for postgraduates at the department of economy (Russian Academy of Sciences – RAS).

Since 1988 he has also been working at the Central Institute of Mathematics and Economy – CIME (of RAS). Author of the first experiments on telecommunication connection between the CIME and International Institute of Applied System Analysis (Austria).

Established the Academy's first laboratory of the network information resources and headed it in 1993-2002. A data base on the Russian national internet-resources was created at the laboratory under his scientific supervision. Its network version and online catalogue, with more than 20000 addressations a day, won the first place among similar national systems. It was famous as the “Russian Internet”.

He also organized and performed (with a task-team) development of catalogues for (Russian) research systems Яndex(1999) and Rambler (2008).

Y.E. Poljak is the chief editor of the reference books series “Navigator for Russian Internet” (1999-2002). He authored and published altogether more than 30 books and course materials. Among them: “From microprocessors to PCs” (1988); “The World Network Internet – Applications in Science and in Business” (1994), etc. and also published about 300 scientific articles and reports at international and Russian national conferences.

Y.E. Poljak is a member of the Russian National Union of Journalists.

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