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Shilov Valeriy Vladimirovich

(born 1954, Moscow)

Permanent member of the Virtual Computer Museum's scientific council.

Basic speciality – computers and informatics. Scientific degree – Candidate of Technical Sciences; Seniour Scientific Collaborator.

1976 graduated from the Moscow State (Lomonosov) University, faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, with speciality “Applied Mathematics”.

2001 graduated from the Higher Institute for Management (second higher education), with qualification “Jurisprudence”.

In1976-1989 scientific collaborator at the Central Research Institute – 45 of the USSR Ministry of Defense. Participant of scientific researches, development and testing of complex weaponry systems. He was engaged in research and modeling of the computing systems with nontraditional architecture.

1989-1997 seniour scientific collaborator of the Collective Computing Centre of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1993 – Institute of High-performance Computation Systems), among others – co-designer of a vector optical processor.

1997 – professor of the chair “Design of Computational Complexes” at the Russian State Technological (K.E. Tsiolkovskiy) University (in 2004 elected as chief of the chair). Directed scientific projects performed on the state contracts and grants of the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Researches.

1990-1993 lecturer of the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers and (in 1997-2004) at basic chairs of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies (MIPT).

2005-2011 lecturer at the MIPT for the course “Algorithms and Programming Languages”.

2004-2013 headed joint Russian-Vietnamese educational bachelor program at the Technological University of Hanoi and Hanoi Open University.

2012 – delivered cycle of lectures on the history of computeгs and computations at the Tsinghua University (Peking, China) and the National University of Defense Technologies (Changsha, China).

Supervised preparation of three dissertation theses for the Candidate of Sciences degree.

Authored and published six books and about 300 articles on information parallel processing methods, non-traditional architectures of computation systems, history of computational technologies and also many scientific-popular articles.

Member of editorial boards of the journals “Informational Technologies” and “Cybertonia” (Kiev), and the editorial board of the Proceedings of the Russian Free Economical Society.

Scientific consulter of the Big Russian Encyclopedia.

Member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and IT History Society.

Member of the programming and organizational committees of several scientific conferences. Reported at more than 50 scientific conferences in Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, France, England, Belgium, Italy, China, Viet-Nam, Sri Lanka, Australia, Finland, etc.

Laureate of the first premium of the “2010 Student Competition Best Architecture Prize” of the IEEE World Competition (2010 head of project). His works on the history of computers were awarded the First Premium of the IEEE Computer Society World Competition CHC′60 (2006), with Diploma of the IEEE Computer Society World Competition CHC′61 (2007) and the Premium of the American Charity Foundation for informational technologies support in science and education (2007).

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