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40U6 Computer

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  1. Special-purpose 40U6 computer.
  2. Chief designer: E. A. Krivosheyev. Deputy chief designers: L. A. Kozlov, E. F. Berezhnoy, Yu. S. Ryabtsev, D. B. Podshivalov, P. V. Borisov, B. A. Vaisburd.

    Development engineers: G. G. Tochinin, M. F. Nikitin, Yu. M. Aksyonova, A. I. Ternikov, P. D. Sofronov, P. P. Khamchuk, L. E. Karpov, P. S. Miko, V. P. Zverkov, A. F. Nenarokov, V. I. Boiko, N. F. Smirnova, D. I. Obidin, N. V. Savin, N. P. Tarkov, S. N. Karpinsky, S. N. Knorozov, Yu. S. Ryabtsev.

  3. Designing organization: Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering (ITMiVT) of the USSR Academy of Science.

  4. Completion of development: 1988.
  5. Beginning of production: 1988.
  6. Termination of production: still in production.
  7. Total output of machines: over 200.
  8. Description: 40U6 model continues the line of mobile control multiprocessor machines originated in 5E26 computer. It has modular design and high viability achieved by duplication of some modules and redundancy. Powerful hardware control system allows restoring the control processes after equipment malfunctions or failures. The computer functions in arduous real-time mode, is intended for work over a wide spectrum of environmental and mechanical actions and furnished with sophisticated software for automated programming.
  9. Specifications:

    Word length - 32 bits.

    Representation of numbers - floating point.

    RAM capacity - 256 Kbytes with duplication; internal Hemming code-based control; byte data link control; interleaving.

    Command memory - 512 Kbytes with duplication; internal Hemming code-based control; byte data link control; a back-up battery which saves the information stored in the memory.

    I/O subsystem - 15-channel processor with duplication.

    CPU - supports multiprogram control, has bus organization, uses byte data link control and hardware implementation of elementary functions, equipped with control arithmetic unit.

    I/O processor - 13 specialized and 2 standard channels.

  10. Element base: low-powered TTL ICs and CMOP memory ICs.
  11. Design: cell-based, modular.
  12. Software: autocode, Fortran, C and Pascal compilers.
  13. Specifications:

    Volume - 2.5 to 4.5 q. m.

    Power consumption - 5.5 kW.

  14. E. A. Krivosheyev was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation for the creation of 40U6 computer.
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