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Argon-10M Computer

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  1. Argon-10M (A-10M) computer
  2. Chief designer: A. A. Solovyov.

    Development engineers: V. I. Antonov, V. S. Barashko, L. I. Bochkarev, N. N. Efimov, Yu. R. Lemzal, V. M. Ternovsky, A. Ya. Tyurin.

  3. Designing organization: Research Institute of Electronic Machines (NIEM) of the USSR Ministry of Radio Engineering (since 1986 - Research Institute NII Argon).
  4. Manufacturer: Astrakhan machine-building works "Progress", the USSR Ministry of Radio Engineering.
  5. Completion of development: 1969.
  6. Beginning of production: 1975.
  7. Termination of production: 1982.
  8. Field of application: the first domestic automated air traffic control Start system in airport areas. Installed in a number of airports in former USSR cities.
  9. Total output of computers: 20.

    In 1979 the A-10M computer as a component of Start system was awarded the USSR state prize.

  10. Description (structure, architecture, including peripherals): single-address, synchronous computer with parallel processing.

    Representation of numbers - fixed point. Word length - 16 bit (word), 31 bit (double word); number of instructions - 32 (4 arithmetic instructions, 6 logical, 8 control transfers, 2 exchanges, 6 special instructions for software implementation of calculations with double digit length).

    Number of index registers - 1, number of channels on interrupt requests - 3.

    RAM capacity - 4,096 words (4 х 1,024), ROM capacity for programs and constants (ROM1 - see block diagram) - 32,768 words (8 х 4,096), ROM capacity for changeable constants (ROM2) - 512 words (4 х 128).

    Speed: addition - 6.67 ms, multiplication - 37 ms.

    Information input/output - through a software-controlled I/O device (I/O), on interrupt requests, or on an "Exchange requirement" signal with temporary program halt for the time of exchange.

    Digital exchange trunk width - 16 bit, address exchange trunk - 12 bit, types of check - test and hardware (by mod 2).

    The central unit of A-10M computer is a computing device (CD) containing registers of commands, indices, numbers and address adders as well as of circuits for I/O control and storage devices management.

    The computer also includes a management console (MC), a changeable information recording console (IRC) and a power supply unit (SU).

    Block diagram of Argon-10M

    Block diagram of Argon-10M

  11. Element base: transistor and diode-transistor logic (Tropa-1, Tropa-3, Tropa-5 ICs).
  12. Design: cabinet-style housing with doors contains one computing device, eight transformer ROM1 modules (with E-type cores), four ferrite-core RAM modules and four EEPROM modules (ROM2). Management console and power supply unit are installed on the upper surface of the housing. The modules are interconnected by special cables with connectors. In all units (except power supply) the printed circuit boards are assembled in a book-like package and interconnected by a special "spine" made of hinged punched plates with flexible wires. The card package is clamped by rigid studs.
  13. Technology: unified multilayer printed circuit board made by pairwise pressing. Dimensions - 326 х 230 х 1.5 mm, grid spacing - 3 mm, diameter of metal coated holes - 0,8 mm. All components are installed on one side of the PCB.
  14. Software: user developed operating system, a set of tests for operation checking and troubleshooting.
  15. Specifications:

    Impact strength (multiple impacts) - 8 g (5 to 10 ms).

    Range of operating temperatures - from -10 to 50°С.

    Range of limiting temperatures - from - 50 to 65°С.

    Low pressure - 460 mm Hg.

    Power consumption - 460 W.

    Weight - 260 kg.

    MTBF - 150 h.

  16. Special features: Designers of A-10M computer paid special attention to obtaining the highest possible hardware performance using hybrid ICs with diode-transistor logic. An ingenious device for synchronizing the operation of flip-flops was developed, giving 30 percent increase in the computer performance in comparison with formerly known synchronization devices. The power supply unit was equipped with pulse (switch) voltage stabilizers.

    The A-10M computer is based on the Argon-10 computer developed for control systems of air missile complexes.

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