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Diana-1 and Diana-2 Computers

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  1. Special-purpose Diana-1 and Diana-2 computers.
  2. Executives: S. A. Lebedev, academician, D. Yu. Panov, V. I. Ryzhov, V. S. Burtsev, G. T. Artamonov.

    Development engineers: E. P. Lander, A. Zimarev, E. R. Shura-Bura, M. P. Sychova, A. A. Novikov, E. A. Krivosheyev, M. P. Tikhonova, A. G. Laut, V. S. Chunayev, A. S. Krylova, L. F. Krylova.

  3. Designing organization: Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering (ITMiVT) of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
  4. Completion of development: 1955.
  5. Description: serial computer with switched programmable processing.

    Diana-2: representation of numbers - fixed point; word length - 10 bits; instruction set - single address; number of instructions - 14; command memory capacity - 256 Kbytes, a separate memory for constants, magnetostrictive delay line RAM. Logical elements are based on miniature vacuum tubes. Time interval and angle position are converted to digits.

  6. Special features: for the first time in the world the machines allow automatic data receiving from the radar with object detection from the background noise. The computers support simultaneous tracking of multiple targets with plotting their paths and aircraft homing.
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