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Vladimir Stepanowich Krivoruchenko

Permanent member of the Virtual Computer Museum's scientific council

Vladimir Stepanowich Krivoruchenko an IT-expert was born 16.11.1945.

In 1968 he graduated with diploma from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, since then he has been working at the The proff. N.E. Zhukovskiy Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute – CAI[1]

Working there he occupied various positions from a technician up to chief of the institute’s computer centre and the Complex of Information technologies.

In the 1970-1980-s he was the responsible software developer for the unique multi-machine automation system, which performed aerodynamic experiment CVS-2 (ЦВС-2). Dr A.D. Smirnov, a founder of the institute’s computer centre, was the general supervisor of the work, and the experiment itself became a milestone in the national computer history. V. Krivoruchenko with his team developed a prototype of CALS (ИПИ) system for aerodynamic experiment data transmission with machine media within the environment of various computers and operating systems.

Their system provided necessary performance for receiving information about hundreds of aircrafts and space objects models tests results, including “Buran” space-shuttle project.

In 2013, at the space shuttle “Energia-Buran” launching 25 years anniversary celebration V. Krivoruchenko was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the “Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia” for his notable contribution to development of computing-experimental technology for orbit space-ship and its rocket carrier aerodynamic characteristics determination.

In 1990 he was awarded “CAI premium” for development of an industrial experiments results express reports operative complex processing and transmission technology (as part of CVS-2) at the institute’s design bureau.

During the 1990-s Krivoruchenko was developing more advanced architecture of the aerodynamic experiment automation system. At present it forms the basic system of the CAI aerodynamic /wind tunnel experiments.

From 2000 till 2016 he headed development of information support means for computer and experimental researches for complex projects in aircraft industry.

The static strength tests results of the “Sukhoi Superjet 100” aircraft were processed with the aid of the automation technology developed with his leading participation (the CAI Premium of 2007).

In 2009 he was awarded CAI premium for the complex work on multimedia archives (of cinema and photo documentary) displaying the CAI scientific researches history.

In 2013 his works on organisational-programming facilities of the aircraft construction technologies availability levels qualitative determination were awarded one more CAI premium.

V.S. Krivoruchenko authored nine inventions (with patents/the USSR author’s certificates) and bears an honourable title “CAI best inventor 1985”.

He is also the author of about a hundred scientific and technical publications in some Russian and foreign sources.

In 2003 V. Kriviruchenko was awarded the title “Honourable Aircraft Constructor”.

In 2010 was given special “CIA Golden Badge”.

Alongside with his professional activity Vladimir Krivoruchenko is always involved in some social functions. He is also a devoted sportsman, since 2009 on he plays basketball for the Russian national team of veterans, which was a winner of some Europe and World championships, and also Olympic Games.

During the last twenty years he is a member of the Virtual Computer Museum’s council (, where he performs projects on the CAI aerospace automated scientific research systems popularisation.



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