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Digital Electronic Computer 'MINSK-1'

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Chief designer: G.P. Lopato, dep. chief designer: V.J. Simkhes
Designers: E.N. Sakaev, S.N. Remorov, A.I. Bakhir, V.I. Tsygelskiy, A.B.Flerov

Application field: Computer «Minsk-1» was one of the first soviet serial small machines with electron valves; which was most widely used for solving of scientific and engineering problems, for operation at scientific research institutes and universities, computer centers, design bureaus and at industrial enterprises.

Number of produced computers (serial manufacturing): 230 pieces, including modifications «Minsk-11», «Minsk-12», «Minsk-14», «Minsk-16», different in peripheral equipment structure.

Description of the computer
(structure and architecture, including peripheral devices)


Electron tubes, semiconductor diodes.




Common plastic materials were used, as well as traditional  methods of processing and assembly. New technologies were assembly and control of ferrite devices, testing and adjustment of bot the whole computer and its single units.


Testing programs, library of standard programs.

Technical and operational characteristics

Distinguishing features of the computer

Electronic digital computer Minsk was one of the first soviet low-cost small computers with electron tubes, intended for solving various engineering and scientific problems.

Translated by A. Nitussov

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