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“Radio technology” concept in historiography of science and technology

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Abstract — Determined in this paper is “radio technology” concept, as extending term in historiography of science and technology.

I. Introduction

Radio technology is nonunique term. Based on the works of radioengineering historians Prof. M. A. Bykhovsky and Prof. V. M. Pestrikov, as well as A. L. Mintz’s view on this matter, advisability is motivated to use the term “radio technology” as an extending one in historiography of science and technology.

II. Evolution of “Radio Technology” Concept

The most frequently used meaning of this term, which is broadly applied in the law practice, specificates radio technology as technology, which employs frequency resource. In science “radio technology” means radio technology at all, no matter whether it uses frequency resource or not.

Recently in the history of science and technology it is common to handle the term “radio rechnology” more wide. Let’s quote the article of Prof. M. A. Bykhovsky, which is dedicated to the contribution of Russian scientists to the development of radioengineering and creation of modern communication theory [1]. In this article the author generalizes the term considered: …systems of radio communication and broadcasting, radar and navigation, and many other applications of RADIO TECHNOLOGY in different scopes of human activity…

It should be noted that the term “radio technology” is considered as a result of evolution of the term “radio” and derived terms: radioengineering, radiophysics, radioelectronics, etc. Acception of the term “radio technology” as generalizing one, can solve the problem, described by Prof. V. M. Pestrikov in [2]. In this article the author analyzes evolution of the term “radio” by quoting well-known specialist in the field of transmitting devices – Alexander Mintz, and states the fact of arising of many new terms and neologisms, which have the word “radio” in their body. Based on this fact and on the existing practice of using the term “radio technology” as generalizing one in historical and scientific publications [1, 3, etc.], one can draw a conclusion about expediency of such application.

Extra driver for such recommendation is the following. Peculiarity of analysis of regional history of radio technology is more deep investigation* of all aspects of the matter considered: scientific-research, educational, production, technical, etc., as it was done in the monograph [4], prepared in St. Petersburg affiliation of Institute of Technical and Natural History in the presence of Prof. B. I. Ivanov. There is the reason to confirm that using of ‘radio technology” term in the regional aspect is also expedient.

III. Conclusion

Grounded in this paper is the expediency of using “radio technology” term as generalizing one in historiography of science and technology.

IV. Acknowledgements

The author would like to express gratitude to Prof. V. M. Pestrikov for his advertency to this work.

2010 20th Int. Crimean Conference “Microwave & Telecommunication Technology” (CriMiCo’2010). 13-17 September, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

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